November 16th, 2011

by Stoyan Rachev

In this blog series, I will be writing short summaries of some of the Devoxx 2011 sessions which I attended, mainly focusing on topics that are not covered already by Ivan’s posts.

Devoxx this year is a big. More than 3000 attendees, 5 days, 150 sessions, all packed with rich and interesting content. It’s a great chance to get an overview of the latest technology trends and do a crash course in all those topics you missed so far while focusing on your specific problems, and maybe also an opportunity to see those problems from a different, refreshing perspective.

When choosing which sessions to attend, I chose to stick to the following themes:

  • Methodology – Sessions here to be more “timeless” in nature. Also, I was until recently responsible for managing agile teams, and improving processes and tools is still a significant part of what I do.
  • New Languages on the JVM – I tend to be rather enthusiastic about programming languages in general, but I am also a bit overwhelmed by the current boom of new JVM-based languages. How could we possibly use all that diversity?
  • Java SE – The evolution of the core of the language is going to affect all of us in many significant ways. Also there are some really great speakers – Joshua Bloch, Mark Reinhold, and Brian Goetz among others.
  • Architecture – My current job title is “architect” after all …

Each post will cover a single session or a small number of related sessions, and unlike Ivan’s posts, they won’t necessarily come in chronological order. Whenever I am aware of published slides and other relevant material, I will link that. Read everything if you would like to follow the conference or chose whatever topics are most interesting to you. Any feedback would be great.

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